Things I like: Sun. Sea breeze. Sunrises and sunsets. My family. Strangers’ kindness. A taste for adventure. Sense of humor. Surprises. A positive mind. Smiles. A healthy glow. Carrots (help for the glow). Peaches and raspberries. Summer. Athletics. The Olympic Games. 90% dark chocolate. Do things and feel useful. Long hugs. Cinemas smell. Working out. The feeling after a workout. Silence. Be alone when I need. Nature. Willow trees. Horses. Frangipani. Enthusiastic people. Bumpy jeep rides. Car’s windows down. My best friend. ‘Everglow’, Coldplay. Being healthy. Peanut butter. Walk under the rain. Listening to stories. Instagram. Crying. Getting ready for Christmas. Wake up early. Deep talks. Mountains. Cooking. Opening presents. Green and fruity tea. Spend money on food. Watching movies under heavy blankets. Optimism. Black eyes. Love stories. Sushi. Thunderstorms. My home. Starry nights. Observing people. Chestnuts picking. Ted Talks. Blond, long and curly hair. Everything sustainable, organic and biological.

Things I don’t like: Mean people. Coffee. Going to bed too late. The day after Christmas. Alcohol. Making my bed. Swimming pools. Arguing. Horror movies. Violence. Working on the computer. Spoiled children. Driving.

Things about me:

  • I don’t eat meat and dairy for four years now. I eat mostly vegan, but I’m still struggling to quit sushi.
  • A thing I really love to do is to watch people. People can hold my attention to infinity. I find so interesting to observe and make up stories and try to imagine who they are, where they come from and if their stories will ever connect with mine.
  • I’d like to travel to Japan, Canada, and the States, especially Hawaii.