Walking in and out from the kitchen every day, I realized that the quantity of good food thrown away at every meal each day, by every single people, in every single bar, restaurant, canteen, hotel, house (…) in the entire world, is disgustingly enormous. I did a little research and I found out that every day just America wastes enough food to fill the Rose Bowl. Yes, that Rose Bowl -the 90,000-seat football stadium in California. And now add all the other countries to that imaginary list and imagine. Yes, I know.


I think, we have an irrational behavior with food. We love it, we need it to live and survive, we could even depend on it sometimes and we see it pretty much everywhere, in every circumstance. But still, it’s like we don’t give a shit about it. Buying three shirts and then throwing one away would be regarded as unorthodox behavior. But buying a sandwich and eating half and throwing the other half away is not.

If you worked in cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, or any place that has something to do with food someway, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. We all waste so so much every day, everywhere!

We seldom think about the effects of our food once it’s gone because, well, it’s gone. Then, it’s somebody else’s problem.

cibo in cassonetti

But it shouldn’t be like that. And I believe each one of us knows that’s not moral, ethic, nor right. Right?


*Digression time*

During one of my travels, in Christchurch, I met a guy from Sydney (Hey Zack!) who just finished a four-months-hike, from the very top to the very bottom of New Zealand, with a 25-kg backpack on his shoulders and his super cool old-style camera.

I was so surprised and really really curious to know the reason that pushed a guy of my age to do such a trek all by himself, and when I discovered it, I felt such a strong admiration for him that I felt shivers: he was hiking to fundraising money for a Non-Profit Aid Organization (The Fred Hollows Foundation) who focuses on treating and preventing blindness and other vision problems.

He told me his story – which I’m not gonna share here of course, because it’s personal and I don’t want to spoiler it (if you’re interested, you could find it on his blog, I really recommend it) – and how the idea came to his mind, out of the blue. So he just decided to take a year off from his university, work a bit to save money and contact this charity to let them know about this project. And then he left. Alone, with his (heavy) camera and his (huge) backpack. Isn’t it amazing?

I’ve never heard of such a cool way to support a cause you believe in! Or maybe I’ve never given it a lot of importance.


So I started to think a lot about it and the idea began to take shape. Why not? Once I was back in Italy, I discussed my project with my parents first, who supported me 100%. Then I wrote to, a splendid organization who works to prevent and avoid food waste, organizes events to feed people in need and does much more to reduce waste worldwide, and asked them what did they think about the idea and if I could fundraising for them.


And then, together with “Docenti Senza Frontiere” (“Teachers Without Borders”) we outlined an itinerary and took contact with few schools along Italy, so that I will be able to stop in schools and talk to children about what I am doing and why, and maybe sensitize the new generations about the topic.

I’m definitely happy to work with them and collaborate on this project, also because lately many schools in Italy have started to work and discuss the food waste topic: why it is occurring, which are the causes and how could we improve the situation, and therefore now a great sense of civic responsibility is growing within them.


And, well, here I am, set up and almost ready to start! The X-date is fixed for Monday 25th September, starting from Mattarello and going down south, all the way to Verona. On this journey, I’ll meet classes in Rovereto, Avio, Peri, and Verona and I will interact with the children, telling them my experience and doing some “workshops”  to help them reason about waste.


For me, this is quite a big challenge, a bit scary and exciting at the same time. First, because I’ve never done such a thing before, and second (but not less important), because… I must confess I have little to zero patience with children.. so that’s gonna be hard. And fun. But hard.

It’s a kind of experiment let’s say, I don’t know how it will go nor if I will get a positive feedback, but I’m relaxed about it. I’m doing it for myself as well, and it makes me feel good to know I’m doing something useful and potentially beneficial for everyone.

And that’s all for now folks! Thank you very much, I hope you liked this first post, I’ll try to keep it updated during the trek but I can’t promise anything…

Have a glorious day, you rock!




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