So, I was walking in the woods with a friend the other day, talking about places we visited and our favorite spots around the planet, and suddenly I realized that actually, I do have quite a big piece of traveling baggage for my early age, hey!

And therefore I thought “Why not share this huuuuge knowledge and experience of mine with you guys, considering that I love traveling and I do it quite often (fingers crossed)?” So I could possibly even be useful for some of you, who are looking for a new holiday or traveling destination and tell you tips and tricks about how to get to a certain place, where to find the best spots (and foods), where to sleep, and blablabla, just some piece of advice that could help you out to have the best time of your life!, how a dear friend of mine uses to say.

This summer -as the last two ones- I went to Greece, on a tiny Island in the south of Peloponnese, and I absolutely loved it. It is literally a piece of heaven. Ans I’m talking about water, sand, and weather in particular.

Have a look:

As you can imagine, my family and I absolutely love it. And you would love it too, I bet.

Just have a look at this article I wrote and find out why I am so sure.



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