Good morning peeps!

I hope you’re all doing great! It’s quite a long time I haven’t posted anything, but I was working on other projects and didn’t really have the time, I apologize.

But hey, here I am again!


As you know, the reason why I created this blog, is that for me is a great way to talk about something that really matters for me -as food waste- and therefore I think that sharing my thoughts and ideas and impressions here, could be helpful to spread the word.

But I also thought “Why only food waste? Why not also plastic pollution, environmental changes and traveling? All things I’m passionate about, which I’d love to talk about and share ideas?” Easy peasy, I’m gonna do it!

So just to let you know, this is not going to be an “against-food-waste” blog only anymore! But a place where I share everything and more about the “already mentioned above” topics. Yay!

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